Planning for the future has never been more important.
Understanding market strategy and where to make greatest profits are among the key skills of an effective business leader. Planning2Win is an online simulation designed to help business leaders, managers and staff from organisations of all sizes to gain a better understanding of business planning and market strategy. It introduces some of the language of strategic marketing planning as well as tools and techniques that participants can use to help them in their own business. All of the planning templates are also available to keep, for use back ‘in the real world’.

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Who is this course for?

Planning2Win is an online simulation designed specifically to help business leaders, managers and staff from organisations of all sizes gain a better understanding of business planning and market strategy.

Individuals or teams of people with up to 5 in a team compete against each other in the guise of six competing legal firms, tasked to make the most profit for their business. Each individual / team represents a ‘simulation company’ that has its own strategy, business plan and profit and loss account. First, they must understand and continue implementing the existing business plan, before moving on to making their own decisions based on available market data, analysis of their own performance and competitor analysis. Business leaders, managers and key staff members can experiment, risk-free, with strategies to achieve competitive advantage in a virtual world.

There are five decision rounds typically played over six months with facilitated feedback sessions delivered monthly by an experienced facilitator. During the monthly decision rounds, individuals / teams develop, practise and hone their market strategy skills including identifying “why clients buy”, “what are attractive markets” and “where best to compete”, as well as making better decisions.

Individuals compete against other individuals or teams of people.

People from the one organisation can compete against each other in the simulation advancing team building, leadership skills and organisational development whilst introducing a competitive edge, a sense of fun and a focus on winning strategies. Developing people is recognised to dramatically increase staff retention.

  • Number of rounds: Introductory session + 5 decision rounds

  • Duration: 1 week - 6 months

  • Time: 4-8 hours per round

  • Language: English

  • Start date: any time (for purchasing all six ‘simulation companies’). Please get in touch for purchasing one ‘simulation company’

  • Facilitators: Rachael Ramos, Jo Draper

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Price: £12,000 (+VAT) for all six simulation companies with up to 5 participants per team (max 30 players)

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Course Details

The course comprises of 6 modules (rounds). Click on the orange button at the end of each row to see the details:

1Round 1: Introductory session

a) Introduction to simulation, strategy and technology
b) Practise decision round
c) Role of reflection

2Rounds 2-6

a) Five decision making rounds
b) Feedback, Think Tank and reflection
c) Final Think Tank after round 6 focuses on key learning and next steps

Facilitation from experienced business planners, strategists and qualified executive coaches

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