Working on your own gives little opportunity to reflect with others on what you learn from your workplace, and sometimes you need more than your own experience. Reflection on your personal and professional experiences creates learning which can be applied to improve your performance.

Who is coaching for?

Whether you are a new manager or a junior, middle or senior manager, you can work virtually with a qualified and experienced QuoLux™ coach either individually in one-to-one coaching or as part of a small support group, called Action Learning.

A series of formalised coaching sessions are agreed over six months with the aim to improve your performance as a leader, in other words, helping you to learn.

  • Number of sessions: 6

  • Duration: 6 months

  • Time: 2 hours per coaching session

  • Language: English

  • Start date: any time

  • Coaches: Rachael Ramos, Jo Draper

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Price: £4,320 for all 6 sessions (one-time course payment)

  • Price: £795 per session (paid in instalments)

  • For businesses, see below

Course Details

The course comprises of 6 sessions

Session 1
Introductory session: in the first session we will introduce you to coaching, help you to identify your goals and agree a development plan.

Sessions 2-5
Review progress on your development plan and agree further actions.

Session 6
Reflect on your progress and identify goals to support your ongoing development.


Choose to pay a one-time payment for the course, or pay in advance of each session.


Course-only, one-time payment

6 x £795.00

Per session

For Business

For businesses who wish to receive a VAT invoice or who would like to discuss placing multiple people on programs, please click below.

Coaching support from experienced and qualified executive coaches

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