Developing you and your organisation

The ‘For Business’ option offers companies access to a wide range of support and services on the QuoLux™ Online Leadership & Management Centre which have been carefully crafted for business leaders to develop themselves, their teams and their organisations.

If you are considering developing multiple people on our courses and programs then ‘For Business’ is for you.

A subscription model is available which can be customized to meet your needs allowing you to decide who to develop and train, how many people and what courses and programs are most relevant to subscribe to. You and your people have the flexibility to access many of our services when you and they, want fitting e-learning around jobs, personal lives and commitments.

  • ‘For Business’ gives you the immediate benefit of developing your organisation and your people with the necessary skills in a timely manner

  • Every person has their own dashboard to monitor their own progress

  • A company dashboard can be accessed by designated admins to monitor individual progress

  • All courses and programs encompass best practice for e-learning, including individual workbooks, knowledge and quizzes

  • Content on our courses and programs is practical and immediately applicable

  • Input is from world-leading academics and practitioners

  • Focus is on developing critical thinking skills and reflection on experience to develop managers at all levels to improve the business, the wider community and the planet

  • Certificates of Completion can be achieved to recognise development and success

Save time and save money

by not having to leave the office or home while enjoying the benefits of e-learning.

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