Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis


Your business has survived the crisis that's caused global havoc. Now it’s time for you and your management team to lead your company out of the crisis, growing stronger, becoming an even better business than before. Leading out of a crisis is one of the most important tasks for leaders and managers. There will be many opportunities, but which ones are best to seize and focus on? Focusing on 7 areas will transform the performance of you, your people and your business.

Who is this course for?

This course has been designed for leaders and managers running businesses with 5 to 1000 staff. While it is a self-directed course, we’d encourage senior management teams to go through the interactive activities in each module together. Mentoring support is available to embed learning.

The course begins with a radical review of your business, including where you make money, and encourages you to think deeply about where to compete. Once you know where the profitable areas are, Module 2 focuses on you stripping out unnecessary costs to supercharge your profits. Module 3 explores the often controversial subject of reward and remuneration, before Module 4 gets you to consider recognition and the power of ‘Thank You’. Your shadow of influence as a leader is discussed in Module 5 ahead of considering what it takes to be a ‘Healthy Leader’. Finally, we conclude on a subject with ever increasing importance – purpose.

The 7 modules draw on over a hundred years’ experience of leaders involved in successful business transformation. QuoLux™ is very grateful for the considerable inputs from Professor John Oliver OBE, former CEO of Leyland Truck who helped to construct this course with Dr Stewart Barnes, CEO, QuoLux™, and we are very thankful for the inputs from Phil Dyer on Healthy Leaders and Professor Steve Kempster on Purpose and the Good Dividends.

The approach outlined in this course made huge differences in the organisations that John and Stewart have run. With your leadership, we hope that you gain much from the course.

  • Number of modules: 7

  • Duration: 7 - 10 hours

  • English

  • Access: for 4 months after purchase

  • Start date: any time

  • Self-paced in your own time

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Price: £990

  • Options: Mentoring

Course Details

This course comprises of 7 modules. Click on the orange button at the end of each row to see the details:

1Welcome to Growing Stronger: Leading out of a Crisis

• Welcome and user guide
• Reflective workbook

2Module 1: Radical Review

• Changing business priorities
• Why a radical review: never waste a crisis
• Know your numbers: aligning cost with value
• Understanding your market

3Module 2: Cost Reduction

• Principles of optimising your cost structures
• Adding value versus non-value added
• 6 cost reduction steps

4Module 3: Reward

• Remuneration
• Problems of remuneration
• Bonus schemes
• How to create a sense of fairness

5Module 4: Recognition

• The 2 most powerful words
• Check the mood music
• 7 characteristics of good recognition
• How to recognise effectively

6Module 5: Shadow of Influence

• A crisis of leadership
• Your shadow of influence
• What to do

7Module 6: Healthy Leaders

• Operating at an optimal level
• Healthy leadership and high performance
• The 3R’s - how to change habits
• Mental wellbeing
• Building resilience

8Module 7: Purpose

• Moral outrage - Grand Challenges, local challenges & business
• Importance of purpose
• The essence of a ‘Good’ business
• Good Dividends: A new model of business – aligning purpose, profit & planet
• Beyond net zero: Regenerative Business


• Recap your learning


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Mentoring support available from experienced and qualified mentors:

Dr Stewart  Barnes

Dr Stewart Barnes

BSc (Hons) PhD MBA DipM

Stewart has over three decades of experience in leading, growing and developing a variety of businesses of different sizes, in different markets in different countries transforming organisations and their performance. His work on transformational change, leadership, business planning, employee engagement, productivity, innovation and work based learning has been featured in a number of books, articles and Government best practice guidance documents. As well as being the CEO of QuoLux™ and a Visiting Fellow at the University of Gloucestershire, Stewart is a Non-Executive Director and trusted advisor to a number of organisations trading across the globe.

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